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Raku ZebraI am a self taught artist/sculptor. From the first moment I started working with clay in 1964 I was hooked. The feel and spontaneity appealed to me. I work the clay as though drawing in 3D and I explore all the contours throughout a pose. I have an unconventional approach to my work and prefer to work directly and quickly without reference to other material. My main interest is to capture the attitude and expression of a subject. Each sculpture is completely unique. My work includes figurative, animals and bird forms. I prefer to work from life but also use photographs. I mix my own grogged/paper clay and glazes. Surface /texture, colour and glaze effects/mishaps are an important part of my work, especially the results of the Raku process, which I specialise in. I have undertaken many commissions and exhibited at many venues throughout the south of England..

More images of my work and processes can be view on my Facebook page Sculpture – Vera Stride and on Creative Torbay website – click here

I will be pleased to answer any questions about my work and methods.


Raku fireCeramic head


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